Accurate financial data is a major component of a successful company. Because many small businesses cannot afford to hire a fulltime bookkeeper, often the business owner spends additional time handling this back-office workload and many times  the accuracy is sacrificed and reports are delayed due to time constraints. Hall Accounting helps companies accurately track their financial information through either assistance with your current bookkeeping personnel or full financial management. With our involvement in your finances, we are able to prepare timely and meaningful financial reports as well as provide analysis and consultation. Accurate, timely, and meaningful financial data allows for better cash flow and increased profits. 


Hall Accounting assists business owners by providing payroll administration services ranging from all-inclusive to tax specific. We implement the controls necessary to provide a reliable and efficient payroll system, eliminating costly and unnecessary tax penalties and interest. Our all-inclusive payroll service is individually designed for each client and includes preparation and distribution of payroll, electronic deposit of withholdings, quarterly reporting, and year-end wage reports.

Tax Preparation

 Hall Accounting tax preparation service goes beyond the tax return. We use computerized tax preparation software providing accuracy and efficiency in addition to personally researching issues specific to your business. We use your current and past returns as an integral part in developing strategies to reduce your tax burden. Regardless of your business entity, Hall Accounting can assist with your tax preparation.

Business Consulting

Whether you are looking at business growth, employee relations, inventory control, job costing or identifying areas that negatively affect your profitability, Hall Accounting can assist. We work with you to develop comprehensive strategies specifically designed to address the issues affecting your business.

Contact Hall Accounting at 815-343-3063 to schedule an initial consultation where we will assess your specific needs.